Legal Support - Navigating the world of Parental Abduction can be difficult, even for the most knowledgable attorney.  In many cases your normal Divorce Attorney may not have experience with cases of International Parental Abduction.  At ABP World Group, we focus on assisting you not only in finding the proper attorney when warrented, but can also support you in preparing a Pro-Sea case (going to court without an attorney.) We can assist you in making sure you have the proper paper work in order so the local courts assist you in making sure no time is wasted in getting your children returned.

In addition, ABP World Group's agents travel to foreign countries to provide service of documents, as well as attempting to negotiate and mediate with the person that absconded with your child(ren.)  

Legal Support

ABP World Group is a Global Security and Child Recovery Organization

We have a very high success rate in assisting parents in putting into place needed documents to obtain orders to assure the quick return the taken child.

ABP World Group also has the ability to assist in educating your judge through expert witnesses in court.  Many judges are unware of the issues surrounding parental abdcution, and an ABP World Group Expert can help make sure they are awre of the law and the responsibilities of the judiciary are.

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